Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 45 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00% and product specific
Additional terms We welcome affiliates who are bloggers or owners of eBay/eCommerce-related websites and communities, social media experts, and eBay-centric video streamers.

If you have an existing audience of eBay (or eCommerce sellers in general), then we welcome your application. However there are a few activities we prohibit which includes:

Protected/Trademarked Bidding: Affiliates are forbidden from using our trademark or variations of it in any paid advertising. Any affiliate doing PPC or other types of paid advertising are explicitly required not to bid on "inkfrog", "ink frog", "frog inc", "inc frog", "" and any other variations of our brand name. Additionally, affiliates are prohibited from using our brand name in paid advertisement text and images.

Prohibited Activities: We do not allow incentives, coupons, promotions, or any other kind of discount websites as affiliates.

We strong encourage potential affiliates to contact us prior to any campaigns used to promote us to ensure they are not in violation of our program terms outlined above.

Commission is paid out based on the following:

Monthly Subscription: 50% of the first payment

Yearly Subscription: 20% of the first yearly payment

PLEASE NOTE: We give all customers a 14 day trial, as such you may not see commissions for 14 days after sending customers.
We do not allow coupons, discounts, incentivized, or any kind of price reduction campaigns or services to promote inkFrog.

We do not allow SEM using our trademark terms at all (either in keyword bids or the ad copy).   Affiliates doing SEM are expected to add the following negative phrase match keywords to their campaigns to help avoid any accidental bidding on our trademark terms:

"ink frog"
"inc frog"
"frog ink"
"frog inc"

Any other misspellings of our brand name is also forbidden to use in SEM bids and ad copy.

Any affiliate wishing to do SEM is strongly encouraged to send a preview of the campaign to the affiliate program manager ([email protected]) and get approval in advance to ensure there are no issues with trademark infringement.

NOTICE: inkFrog reserves the right to accept or decline applications for its affiliate program. inkFrog reserves the right to terminate the inkFrog affiliate program and your participation in it at any time and without notice.